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WeWork, BKC


Aditi Tailang

We Work was officially launching itself in Mumbai and they wanted to reach out to the Indian working crowd in their own fun way. One of the first few co working spaces of 2016 – this launch was a challenge on its own. On one side you had an amazingly done up space, with top notch interiors and decor. And we had to work on the main entrance and the community center section of this very space and add the Mumbai vibe to it. So we brainstormed a lot on what is Mumbai all about and how can she be merged with the aspect of jobs and careers and make it inviting to the people who will be walking into that space. We finally zeroed down on a couple of elements like the dabbawallas, celebratory buntings that form a common sight during all of our festivals, and a fun creative installation made out of Post Its – again a very commonly used workplace accessory. Putting all these concepts together we came up with our own version of Mumbai – which was appreciated not only by the Indian team on board but also their international team that had come to launch their first space in India.

This experience made us realize that sometimes the simplest of briefs can have its own share of challenges.