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Private Residence   Radison Blu, Indore



This was a wedding which had it all. Right from the Mehendi which was all about pastels and floral prints, to the Sangeet that was all art deco inspired glam and glitz, the Myra which was inspired from the vibrant colors and patterns of the Narain Niwas and Sujan Mahal Palaces to the Wedding and Reception that was inspired from the Royal Palaces of Europe – the textured walls, the French windows and the larger than life chandeliers. The freedom to design this wedding in a totally fresh and new approach enabled us to detail out the smallest of the smallest elements. The customized creatives, structures, patterns, furniture, floral, props and linen all in all added to this being one of the most spectacular visions created by our Team in the year 2016.

This wedding made us realize that if the family believes in your design and gives you the complete freedom to think aloud – the results lead to a beautiful culmination of design and detail.

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