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Couple Name :

Natasha and Bannett

Venue :

Church, Curcao, Goa

Photography :

Rahul De Cunha

Natasha, the bride was a dear friend of mine and she got in touch with me almost 6 months before her wedding.Coming from the same field, she was a very thorough bride and knew exactly what she wanted. The wedding was to take place in an old heritage church; and for once we were allowed to work inside a church which was a rarity and yet at the same time an exciting challenge for us. For the main wedding, the entire decor was done only in whites – lots of roses, baby’s breath and hydrangeas were used which just added to the elegance of the venue. Right from the outside entrance, to the aisle to the main altar where the rings were exchanged the entire idea was to add to the existing heritage beauty and not take away from it. 

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