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Alila Diwa, Goa

Event Planner 

Vogue Luxury Weddings and Occasions, Goa


Kartik Bhagat, Dream Diaries

An extremely sweet couple; they wanted a subtle and elegant look for their wedding – yet wanted to retain a bit of the Fun Punjabi Flavour that resides in every Punjabi
The Mehendi Sangeet was given a complete Punjabi Carnival look and feel – A mix of Indian Tuberoses and Shevanthi with exotic flowers; bright colours and prints, A  3D truck cutout Photo Booth with Personalised couple logo panels, stool seating with eclectic prints on them; Pitara Pettis (Aluminium Trunks) used as coffee tables – chai glasses filled with colour and flowers and a Dholak formed the centrepieces to the Trunk tables. All in all; the first event set the tone for the rest of the events to follow.
The Next day was the poolside party. Here there was a fine mix of pastel and bright colours used to set the tone for the Poolside Party. Funky Prints was used on the Bar Console. Lots of Ribbons were used to decorate the walkway. Colorful Teepees – one of our season favourites was used for seating in the walkway. The food hangar had lots of paper and floral print decor done in the ceiling and the seating. The idea of doing all this was to set out a very casual and chilled out mood for the event.
One of the most challenging aspects of this event was the Lobby Decor. Since it was the time of rains, placing anything in the open was a challenge, so we had to maintain the same impact indoors. Right from the outside pagoda which was done up with floral chandeliers and mason jar decor, to the indoor main lobby was done up with a lot Dreamcatchers. And then to make one big statement in the courtyard, we placed an 8 Foot Tall and Huge Couple Logo with images of the couple on it.
All in all a fun and challenging decor that was done for one of the sweetest couples ever.

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