We are a Premium Custom Event Design and Management Company that aim to cater to all types of Spatial Design, be it Weddings, Corporates, Luxury Brands or even Store Interiors. Designs which are ever evolving and Client Reflective. The aim is to always create an unforgettable memory through our Services, thereby creating a wholesome 360 Degree experience.

Having worked in the Event Industry for 10 Years, we always strive to customize and personalize the content of every event – for us it is an amalgamation of different elements, colors and patterns that create our storyboard. We don’t confine ourselves to ‘theme’ based boundaries – rather we’d dare and challenge our imagination to run free. Our inspirations come through varied mediums like architecture, people, places, patterns, cultures, festivals, structures and installations – the challenge being to mold these things to create a design where one thing flows into another and it transforms the very confines of the space, be it a ballroom or an open ground or even somebody’s house into a wedding ceremony or a brand launch.

For us it is all about justifying and reflecting ‘YOU’ as a client as much as it is about reflecting our world of design. Come and see for yourself and make us a part of your celebration!


There are no words to describe just how amazingly Shyamalee designs & visualizes any sort of space. She beautifully executed my photoshoot keeping all the key elements as focus & she beautifully designed my entire wedding making sure no space at the venue was left empty. Shyamalee is so much more than an Event Designer, she is a perfectionist who goes above and beyond on all occasions. Her knowledge, attention to detail, and dedication is just amazing. She is a rarity and a diligent professional, from the little details to the overall picture makes each and everything look absolutely perfect and beautiful. A small Thank You, for all the work & experience learning from you as well. Lots of Love & Success!

Masumi Jain

Expressing Ideas

If you are looking for someone you can give your wedding or event decor too and not worry about anything later, look no further. I hired Shyamalee for an event and left the rest to her and she delivers on point without any hiccups. She according to me is few of the best event designers in the industry and delivers exactly as promised.

Rihant Anbu

Proposal Wedding Planners



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